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Hiking Kamari - Ancient Thera

Experience Santorini from a different point of view

Hiking Kamari - Ancient Thera

Who would expect that Santorini besides the luxury hotels, the hospitality, the services, the restaurants and night life has more to offer? It's no coincidence that Santorini is the top destination that combines comfort with adventure, relaxation with exercise and above all mountains with a sea view. These contrasts can be experienced through our hiking guide that will show the beauty of Santorini hidden in its mountains, in its inaccessible beaches, and its volcanic paths.

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Kamari - Ancient Thera
walking the ancient path

Hiking Kamari - Ancient Thera path

General Information & Tips

Distance (1): Kamari to Zoodochos Pigi and back to Kamari 2.29 klm (1.42 miles)
Duration: Min 40m - Max 1 1/2hrs
Distance (2): Kamari to Zoodochos Pigi and then Ancient Thira 2.98 klm (1.85 miles)
Duration: Min 1h - Max 2hrs
Distance (3): Kamari to Ancient Thira 2.25klm (1.40)
Duration: Min 40m - Max 1 1/2hrs
Items worn: Sneakers / Hat or Scarf (Due to strong winds your hat may not stand) / Sun glasses / Sun cream
Supplies: One or two bottles of water
Must have: Camera plus spare batteries and film/memory card.


Rather challenging walk due to the multiple routes, the uphill and rocky road.

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Kamari Mesa Vouno

A journey to ancient paths through the mountain - Mesa Vouno. Multiple routes and a variety of sights make it a wonderful adventure.

Your trip begins from Kamari and the uphill paved route with the continuous turns. The road is an ancient street surrounded by a section of the cemetery of the ancient city. Excavations by N. Zafeiropoulos (1961 - 1982) revealed the street and numerous graves. They cover a big part of the long history of the city, which was inhabited from the 8th century B.C. until the first Christian centuries.

This is a rather difficult uphill course with the sun over your head all the time. Luckily, you can find several resting points in the shade of pine trees. The view will start widening and Kamari will eagerly wait for you to take a dozen of panoramic photos. At a certain point, you will also be able to see Santorini's Airport.

In the middle of the uphill course, you will find a small path on your right which leads to the church of Zoodochos Pigi. The church, built in the depths of a huge rock, lies under the shadow of two perennial carobs. A perfect spot to rest in the cooling shade and take pictures of Kamari that lies 200 meters below. The church is actually a white extension of the rock and offers an unbelievable natural spring of drinkable water which lies on a natural rock bowl. The water is clear and cool and totally justifies the name of the church (Zoodochos Pigi = Life-giving Fountain).

Later on, after having gained your strength, you can either continue your previous course towards the top of the hill or return to Kamari following the opposite route; a beautiful helical cobbled road. After a 10-minute walk downhill, you will find yourselves outside Kamari. If you decide to continue the journey, follow the same path from the church towards the uphill paved road. After a 15-minute walk uphill, you will arrive at the top of the hill, a circular plateau that lies between Profitis Elias and Ancient Thera. The view is unbelievable, with Kamari behind you and Perissa in front of you. There, you will find a cement table that illustrates the map of Ancient Thira.

From there you will have three choices:
1) Go uphill to Profitis Ilias Monastery,
2) Go left (your left looking towards Perissa) to Ancient Thira Archeological Area, or
3) go straight down the path towards Perissa.