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Sunset in Oia

Sunset in Oia
Do not forget to applaud!

Oia Sunset Crowd

Oia is considered to be the most photographed place in Greece! Not by chance, since its main attraction is the magical sunset. Oia village has become synonymous with the sunset, the commonest phenomenon of the world, which in Oia takes other dimensions; the sunset is not only a common spin of the earth, is a feast, a gathering of romantic souls, a celebration of beauty that lasts only few minutes. That is the miracle of Oia!

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Oia Sunset

Oia Sunset

General Information & Tips

Distance: 0.71 klm (0.39 miles)
Duration: The best time to begin your stroll would be 18:30. You can walk around beautiful Oia for about 40 minutes or an hour if you stop for a coffe or snack. Then find your perfect spot at the old castle at 19:30. The sun will set approximately at 20:40 (July).
Do not forget: Camera plus spare batteries and film/memory card.

Your walk starts from the bottom of the city where the view of the caldera in combination with the beautiful architecture of the cave houses and the churches create a mixture of white curves, blue domes and delicate colors.

Oia might be smaller than the capital Fira, but the main road is sweeter and seams like it was created by famous story tellers. The central square is a few meters ahead. There lies the church of Panagia of Platsani. The square is rather crowded after the sunset and especially on July and August since many gather to watch mimes, jugglers and other events.

Make sure to pause at the outdoor market with the clock and take a look on the amateur merchants selling bunches of grapes, sweet prickly pears, little bags of fava, capers, wine from the barrel, cherry tomatoes - all of them local.

Continue your stroll through the beautifully decorated shops along the main road. During your walk you will realize that every time you come along an opening between the small buildings an amazing view arises.

Later on you will enter the castle area where the crowd is gathering to watch the sunset. The spot is actually the remaining of a watch tower built by the Venetians in order to overlook the horizon for pirate ships. A strategic place in the past, now it has become a must place for sunset viewing. Before you start looking for a spot on the castle, continue your walk around and admire the windmills standing at the end of the city and do not forget to take a photo of the house where the "Summer Lovers" movie was filmed.

People start to gather in search of a perfect spot in order to view the sunset. Many come from 19:00 and hold on to their seats waiting with religious patience. The sun starts painting the sky at 20:00. The event will complete approximately at 20:40. Take a look around you and see the eager faces. Couples are kissing, others are laughing, the older ones stare quietly, and the photographers try to capture the view. A few great moments, that end with applauses and cheers of satisfaction.