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Santorini Bus Tour

Bus Tour around Santorini
A thorough trip into the past and the present of Santorini

Santorini Bus Tour

A bus tour designed to provide a great opportunity to see and learn about the history of the island, the highest mountain, the best beach, the characteristic traditional village and the wines of Santorini. After the tour, you will be officially versed into the magic of Santorini.

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Bus Tour
Thera - Profitis Ilias - Megalochori - Perissa - Santo Wines

Santorini Bus Tour route

General Information & Tips

Distance: 30.53 klm (18.97 miles)
Duration: 5 hours
Starts at: 10:30
Ends at: 17:30
Must have: Camera plus spare batteries and film/memory card.

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The tour starts with an on-foot excursion to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. Your guide will give you very interesting, in depth information, regarding the history of the island and the exhibits. It is amazing to see and learn about the legacy that was passed on by the first inhabitants of Santorini.

Next you get into the bus and the fun ride begins. Your guide will make sure you don't miss any information and will answer to all your questions. The bus starts from Fira and drives up-hill towards your first stop, the mountain of Profitis Ilias. The road is full of narrow turns, but do not be afraid, the drivers are locals with thousands of kilometers experience and professional driving attitude.

Turn after turn and the view from your window gets better and better. On an altitude of 567 meters (the highest spot of the island) the bus makes its first stop. There lays the monastery of Profitis Ilias.

After a 15 minute flashing of the cameras trying desperately to capture the panoramic view, the bus sets for its next destination, Megalochori village. You get to walk around the small traditional roads of the village and view some of the many beautiful churches and end up at a beautiful little square. There and under the shadow provided by a tall belfry, your guide will provide you with more information, stories and local legends regarding the island.

It is time for a swim! Your next destination is the amazing Perissa beach. The island's best beach spreads its crystal waters and soft sand for about 2.5 kilometers! After a swim you can enjoy your traditional Greek lunch at one of the dozens restaurants lying on the beach road. You can also enjoy a walk along the beach or have a refreshment or coffee.

After an hour you set for your last stop, the factory of Santo Wines. Santorini is famous for its tasteful wines especially for the sweet Vinsanto wine. The driver sets course towards Fira. After Megalochori village, on the crossroad for Pyrgos lays the Santowines Openotourism Center. The tour inside the factory begins and your wine specialist guides you through each step of preparation and production in order to have the quantity and quality that characterizes Santo Wines.

After the tour on Santorini's vineyard and winemaking tradition you get the opportunity to taste three of the most famous Santo Wines products, Santorini Assyrtico, Santorini Nikteri and Santorini Vinsanto while sitting comfortably on the big veranda with the amazing caldera view. You can also visit the Santo Wines store and choose what to purchase from an abundance of wines and wine products.

Having a sweet taste in your mouth the bus driver leaves outside your hotel or any area you wish. The tour is informative, fun and a mandatory in order to create a more concrete image regarding Santorini's ancient legacy and present advantages.

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