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Santorini Traditional Products
Santorini Traditional Products

Santorinian cuisine is as unique as the island itself. And how could it not be, since the high temperature and the strong winds combined with the dry soil and the fertile, volcanic ground create particular conditions that favor the growing of plants that are either unique or of incomparable quality.

Split-Peas (Fava)

The split-peas of Santorini are famous all over Greece. The main reasons are their delicious taste and their easy and fast cooking. Usually, they are boiled until they are transformed into a yellow puree. This is used at several dishes and is successfully combined with onion, tomato sauce, caper, herbs, meat etc.

Santorini Split Peas Santorini Fava Dish

Cherry Tomatoes

Bushy plant, with oval fruits almost the size of cherries, thick skin and a sweet and sour taste. This kind of tomatoes was introduced in Santorini in 1850. The dry, volcanic soil was more than suitable for their cultivation, as these tomatoes need almost no water. It seems that soon they will obtain the title of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

They are used in salads, in pseftokeftedes and sun-dried. They can also be found canned, as tomato paste or sauce.

Two more varieties of tomatoes are also found in Santorini: a variety from Kos that is hardier and sweeter and the egg-shaped, sourer bournela.

Santorini Cherry Tomatoes Santorini Cherry Tomatoes

White Aubergine

A white, sweet, almost without seeds aubergine that can be eaten either fried or raw in salads.

White Aubergine


Caper plants were known and eaten since antiquity. In Santorini, they are found everywhere, hanging from the cliffs of the caldera and the walls of the houses. They get pickled by placing them firstly in water and then in vinegar and salt. They are mainly used for spicing various dishes, like split-peas puree, split-peas balls and salads.

Santorini Caper


Chlorotyri is a kind of cheese that is only found in Santorini. It is made from goat milk and it is white, creamy and a little bit sour. It is eaten either with bread or in salads.

Chlorotyri on salad

Apochti (Carpaccio)

Apochti is pork meat processed in a specific way that involves sprinkling it with salt, soaking it in vinegar, treating it with cinnamon, with chopped savory and black pepper. It takes at least four days to be prepared, but when it is ready, it can be consumed several days later - either in slices or in recipes, such as split-peas puree with tomato sauce.

Cod, Gurnard and Shore Dinner

Due to its steep coastline and the fertile soil of the island, Santorinians turned to agriculture instead of fishing. However, fish is one of the main ingredients of their cuisine. Cod, gurnard and shore dinner (kakavia) are really popular. Especially as far as cod is concerned, there is a special recipe called Brandada de Bacalao: cod in the oven with creamy garlic sauce.