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Santorini Villages
Santorini village

The island of Santorini is full of beautiful villages with unique beauty, all with different characteristics, with friendly habitants, picturesque squares, whitewashed houses, churches with blue domes, traditional tavernas, cobbled streets and villagers selling traditional products on the streets. Tourists fill their streets every day, visiting the local shops, buying souvenirs, tasting the Santorinian dishes and drinking the local wines for which the island is famous for. Leaving Santorini without visiting villages such as Imerovigli, Oia, Pyrgos, Fira, Firostefani, Amoudi, Megalochori and Kamari would be such a waste.


Imerovigli is the natural continuation of Fira which is situated on a higher cliff. Today Imerovigli is a beautiful and quiet village and also one of the top areas in Greece for accommodation. It is famous for its view and many tourists visit it throughout the year.

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Locals claim that Oia, or Pano Meria as it was once called, is a jewel. It is a labyrinthine settlement balanced on the northern tip of the island which attracts thousands of people. Oia is famous as the best location - Kastro - to look at the most wonderful sunset so tourists stand like pigeons on the house fences while others set their cameras hours before sunset just to capture the moment and in the end they usually clap their hands in admiration. Vehicles are not allowed inside the village so walking around its narrow streets is the only way to get to know about its beauties. The main pedestrian marble street is full of handicraft and souvenir shops, expensive jewellery boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Oia also hosts a cultural centre and Greek art galleries. You will also see many of the local people on the streets selling cherry tomatoes and caper that they cultivate themselves. The most characteristic image of the Oia printed in most photographs and postcards is the bright white and blue cupola of Agios Georgios church contrasting with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the background.

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Pyrgos was the capital Santorini until 1800, it is built on top of a hill and it is composed of traditional houses built around the Venetian Castle while its small streets following the shape of the hill. As you ascend from the square up to the castle of Pyrgos the stone houses become denser and the streets look more like a labyrinth torturing the tourists that do not know which path to follow.

Pyrgos has about 33 churches but the most famous is the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. Although Pyrgos is a lovely place, one of the prettiest locations of the island, it has only recently won a place on the tourist map. It has mostly become known because of the splendid Easter celebrations which were instituted a few years ago by its deputy mayor.

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Santorini Pyrgos Santorini Pyrgos Santorini Pyrgos Santorini Pyrgos


Fira is the capital of the island since the 19th century when it was moved from Pyrgos. It is situated on the edge of a 260m cliff and offers a great view of the volcano. It is full of whitewashed houses and stepped streets, blue domed churches and sun-bathed verandas. It is full of expensive jewellery and souvenir selling shops, clubs, cafes and restaurants. On these narrow streets you will often notice artists from all over the world offering to create your portrait, street singers and instrument players. Theotokopoulou Square is the main square of Fira, the meeting point of all the locals.

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Firostefani means the crown of Fira and although it used to be a separate district, it has now been sucked by the capital of the island as the time passed by and the tourist development has pushed the boundaries of Fira a bit further. Several of the island's best hotels are situated in Firostefani. The stroll from Fira to Firostefani takes up to 20 minutes but it usually takes more to tourists who want to admire the view.

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Amoudi is a tiny charming port near Oia. Visitors can get there by car, donkey or just descending about 300 steps from the castle (Kastro) of Oia. While descending the wide stairs the view is amazing and the colors of the sea, the sky and the red rocks create an unbelievable scenery. Donkeys with their owners or tourists on their backs keep coming up and down.

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Megalochori is a beautiful, traditional settlement with white washed houses with fences, a bell tower which forms an arch so that people or cars pass underneath it, a white-domed church and a central square with the few taverns and creeper plants in bright fuchsia.

The permanent residents of the village are about 300 and three of the largest wineries of the island Santo Wines, Antoniou and Boutari are located near it.

Panagia Isodion is the central church of Megalochori which stands out for its icons and the calendar of saints which is comprised by 365 miniature figures sanctified by the Greek Orthodox Church.

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Kamari is the product of the rapid tourist development and that is why it is full of hotels, bungalows and rooms for rent as well as tavernas, bars, cafes and souvenir shops.

Many tourists prefer to pass their vacations there because the sea is close by although its sand is black as in most Santorinian beaches. Water sports, horse-back riding and wine tasting organized by a local winery are common practices for tourists who reside in the area. The scenery is quite imposing with the large cliff standing proudly over the location.

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