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Boutari Winery
Boutari Winery

The Boutari Company decided to invest on Santorini at the beginning of the 1980s, as they believed that the viticulture of Santorini had many developmental possibilities. Their investment led to a new interest in local wine making. The winery they founded in 1988 at Megalochori, besides being interesting as far as the wine itself is concerned, has also architectural interest.

It is fully equipped and has the ability of accepting tons of grapes; however they collaborate with specific grape producers and make around 350.000 bottles per year. Its basic VQPRD Santorini was the first of this type of wine that became nationally known, its Kallisti remains between the first choices of wine specialists and its Nychteri has 15% alcohol. The Boutari Company also founded the Selladia Estate, at an altitude of about 130m - from the grapes that grow there, they produce the metallic Selladia wine. The Boutari wines are exported in various countries.


Santorini: VQPRD dry white wine from 100% Assyrtiko that is served at 10-12 C and accompanies fish and white meat.

Kallisti Reserve

Kallisti Reserve: VQPRD dry white wine from 100% Assyrtiko that ages in oak barrels. It is served at 10-12 C and accompanies fish and seafood.


Vinsanto: VQPRD sweet wine from sun dried grapes from the Assyrtiko and Aidani varieties that is served as aperitif, at 10-12 C.


Selladia: Dry white wine from 60% Assyrtiko and 40% Aidani. It has right yellow color, aroma of white flowers, peach, citrus fruits, and long aftertaste. It is served at 8-10 C and accompanies salads, seafood, aromatic cheese, white meat.