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Kasteli Winery

Kasteli Wines is located at St Paraskevi of Vothonas. The enologist E. Karamolegkos experiments with the grapes of his vineyard and uses modern equipment for the production of the wine.


Assyrtiko: VQPRD dry white wine from 95% Assyrtiko and 5% Aidani that is served at 8-10 C and accompanies white meat, fish, light sauces.


Nychteri: VQPRD dry white wine from 90% Assyrtiko, 5% Aidani and 5% Athiri that ages in oak barrels for a few months. It is served at 10-12 C and accompanies white meat and fish.


Vinsanto: VQPRD sweet wine from sun dried grapes from 90% Assyrtiko and 10% Aidani varieties that ages for 2-5 years in oak barrels. It is served as aperitif, at 10-12 C.