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Santorini Wine Varieties
Santorini grapes

The unique soil and climate of Santorini has contributed to the production of some of the best wines worldwide, unique as the island itself. The main grape varieties are Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. The first three are white and the rest red.


The Assyrtiko wine grape variety is considered to be among the best Mediterranean varieties. It gives the 70% of the total grape production of Santorini. Its high quality wine has mineral flavor, high acidity and body. The famous white wine of Santorini comes from this variety. When processed in a different way, it produces Nychteri (nychta: night), a type of wine that took its name from the fact that it is collected and processed at night, taking advantage of the low temperature.

Athiri and Aidani

Athiri and Aidani give approximately the 10% of the total production of Santorini wine. Aidani gives an aromatic wine of medium alcoholic content and acidity. Athiri is slightly aromatic, of medium alcoholic content and low acidity. It is mainly used for blending purposes, mainly in dry wines.


Mandilaria wine grape variety covers the 20% of the production. It produces a red wine with deep color, of low alcoholic content and acidity. Like Athiri, it is perfect for blending.


Mavrotragano is a very rare variety that covers less than 2% of the total wine production and till recently grew only in Santorini. Its wine has a deep red color, full body and great aging potential.


The most famous wine of Santorini, though, is the sweet Vinsanto. It has been produced since Antiquity and it is said that, 150 years ago, Vinsanto was sent to Russia in order to be used to the Holy Communion and, in exchange, Russia sent icons. Vinsanto is made from Assyrtiko and Aidani grapes that are left to sundry for about 14 days. Then, they are pressed; in many wineries, they still do it traditionally, with their bare feet. For 1kg of Vinsanto, 10kg of grapes are needed.

The must has to be left at least 2 years in an oak barrel, but many wine producers leave it much longer. During the fermentation, it obtains a reddish color. Vinsanto is a unique Santorinian wine that is under the title of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).